Reward Your Team: Twelve Quick & Easy Ways to Show You Care

Monday Morning Manager #7

Wendy Scott


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One of the most common complaints about leaders is that they do not reward and recognize their team.

Giving recognition and rewards to employees is a crucial part of being a leader or manager. Not only does it motivate and encourage them to keep up the good work, but it also helps build a positive team culture.

Everyone likes to be thanked and appreciated.

Many leaders believe a paycheck is enough reward for their team, and no further thanks or recognition is required.

The team members tell a different story. I’ve managed employee engagement surveys for over a decade. One of the most frequent team complaints about their managers is a lack of recognition.

Most people don’t require a huge gesture, just a small token of appreciation.
Here are some simple ways that you can reward and recognize your team:

1. Say thank you

Please don’t fall into the trap of being a leader who loses their manners.

Saying thank you costs nothing. It’s polite and will make your team member feel valued.

When you were talking to your team about weekly progress, either in a group or individually, take the time to say thank you for their efforts. All you need to say is that you appreciate the work done on the project.

If you do not see your team members face-to-face, you can thank them via zoom or send them a quick email to show your appreciation for a job well done.

Most leaders are surprised at how much the team values this simple, common-sense approach.

2. Feed them

You can only provide food rewards if you are working face-to-face. Most companies have team days where everyone goes into the office one day a week.

Managers who value their teams find that buying a morning tea or providing pizzas on Friday afternoons contributes to team building.

If your organization doesn’t pay the bill, pay for it yourself. You don’t have to spend a fortune. Pick up a bag of muffins or pastries from the…



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