First Day As A People Manager? Do These Nine Things to Gain Respect

Monday Morning Manager series #1

Wendy Scott
5 min readFeb 20, 2022


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Congratulations, you are now a people leader!

Whether your new title is supervisor, leader, or manager, being responsible for a team can be daunting. You may be feeling a range of emotions — from excitement, nerves, and even fear.

Most people managers start their role with no formal leadership training. They go home on a Friday as a team member and come to work on Monday morning to a new role as a manager.

If you haven’t had any prior experience as a manager, it’s easy to do the wrong thing or follow the bad examples of other leaders.

I benefited from training when I started my leadership journey in the early ’80s. However, being a manager back then was very different from today, and I followed a host of poor advice.

On your first day, it’s essential to gain the respect of your team as they will be observing you. After all, you will have a big impact on their work life.

Your new peers will also be interested in you, and they will want to know if you are capable and easy to work with.

Here are some tips to help you out on your first day as a people manager.

1. Introduce yourself to your team

They will want to know who you are. Tell your team a bit about yourself, such as where you’ve worked and why you applied for the role.

Share a bit of personal information such as where you live, if you have a partner or kids, hobbies, and whether you have pets.

Show your team some photos. It helps you establish a human connection with your team.

Remember that first impressions count, and you want to get your team relaxed and receptive to your suggestions.

2. Ask about your team

Ask about each team member’s role and their prior experience. Don’t go too deep just ask for a high-level summary of past work experiences, their skills, and qualifications.

Find out a bit of personal information from them too. Don’t ask for anything too personal. Ask if your team…



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