3 Types of Team Meetings That Will Gain Trust & Raise Engagement

Never Have a Boring Team Meeting Again

Wendy Scott
7 min readNov 26, 2023
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Many meetings are a waste of time. People turn up unprepared, there is no agenda, and half the attendees are looking at their phones.

But effective meetings with a purpose are useful, especially when you use them for team building.

Productive meetings can do wonders for team engagement, building trust, and raising productivity.


Because engagement, trust, and discretionary effort go up when a leader takes the time to communicate and interact with the team.

Meetings are your prime opportunity to do this.

There are three types of meetings you can use to engage the team:

In all these meetings, demonstrating care and concern for your team is important. Do this by asking about workload, resources, required training, and roadblocks.

If you focus on helping your team achieve their goals and providing support, these meetings are well worth the effort.



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